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March 1st, 2006

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08:46 pm - This week's Nerdocracy!
Welcome back folks. This week brings a new challenge: To provide an interesting show about technology/geek culture and politics. Wait! That's the same thing we've been doing for more than three months now! Tune into the show everyone's talking about, tonight as we do our second two hour show ever. That is, tune in from 10PM-12AM CST to Real Life Radio. Don't forget to add in your own opinion through AIM, screen name Nerdocracy, jumping into the IRC channel #rlr on irc.gamesurge.net, or Skype user name Nerdocracy. Hey, we'll have fun, you'll have fun, it's a win-win situation.

P.S. Don't forget we're looking for people who want to have their own show, talk or music. There's still a lot of time slots open, and believe me, it's fun to have your own little time every week to do whatever you like. If you're interested, or just want more information, shoot an e-mail to realliferadio@gmail.com .

P.P.S. Go coogs! It's 4th quarter.. Let's beat Rice! (Listening online to ESPN 790).

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This week's Nerdocracy! - Real Life Comic's Fan Commuinity

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