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October 2nd, 2006

12:53 pm - Anybody here?
Okay, so I found this community about a month ago and joined.  But it seems this community has a serious lack of people who actually post.  So I'm just curious....is there anybody still here or did everyone join the Real Life Forums due to a dead community?

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March 22nd, 2006

08:58 pm - Real Life MoBlog
I created reallife_moblog to syndicate Greg's MoBlog at TextAmerica.com.
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March 1st, 2006

08:46 pm - This week's Nerdocracy!
Welcome back folks. This week brings a new challenge: To provide an interesting show about technology/geek culture and politics. Wait! That's the same thing we've been doing for more than three months now! Tune into the show everyone's talking about, tonight as we do our second two hour show ever. That is, tune in from 10PM-12AM CST to Real Life Radio. Don't forget to add in your own opinion through AIM, screen name Nerdocracy, jumping into the IRC channel #rlr on irc.gamesurge.net, or Skype user name Nerdocracy. Hey, we'll have fun, you'll have fun, it's a win-win situation.

P.S. Don't forget we're looking for people who want to have their own show, talk or music. There's still a lot of time slots open, and believe me, it's fun to have your own little time every week to do whatever you like. If you're interested, or just want more information, shoot an e-mail to realliferadio@gmail.com .

P.P.S. Go coogs! It's 4th quarter.. Let's beat Rice! (Listening online to ESPN 790).

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February 15th, 2006

09:10 pm - The Nerdocracy
Hey there! I know you all listen to Real Life Radio, right? I'm Josh Sarkar, host of the Nerdocracy; one of the talk show hosts on the network. The Nerdocracy is about gaming culture, geek culture.. and politics. Yes, interesting mix, I know. Be sure to tune in, tonight at 9PM PST.

It's Wednesday night again, and that means it's time for another airing of The Nerdocracy! This week, Lance Laster rejoins us for a look at today's news stories and we'll be discussing domestic internet companies relationship with China. This promises to be a hot-button issue as proponets of a so-called free internet ideal kowtow to the Chinese government's censorship. Join us, tonight at 11PM on Real Life Radio and jump into the discussion using one of three methods:
A) AIM us, at AIM Screen Name Nerdocracy
B) Join the fray in our IRC channel on irc.gamesurge.net, #rlr
C) The preferred method, actually talk to us on Skype, username Nerdocracy
The show isn't much without some (or a lot!) of viewer input, so hey, pitch in and do your part!

P.S., We're really in grave need of more shows on Real Life Radio. If you aren't familiar with the Real Life Comic made by Greg Dean, check it out at http://www.reallifecomics.com. Then click on the Radio button on the right and e-mail us your audition. We're looking for both talk shows and music shows, so feel free to submit your audition to us.

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December 5th, 2005

08:41 am - It's a great life Greg Dean!
I was reading my morning dose of Real Life and listening to the morning show on Real Life Radio when I thought "hey maybe I can find a Real Life community on LJ". Cause there are communities for EVERYTHING on here. Sure enough, here you are.

A little about myself...

My name is Shannon, and I am probably one of the older people that reads the comic. I am 36 years old. I have been reading RL for a little over a year now. I also introduced RL to my baby brother who is just a lil younger than Greg. I am a Gamer and a Girl (YES they DO exist!!) and would LOVE to be able to play WoW but I don't think my system can handle it. I can barely play GW.

Anywho its great to see that there is a community out there and looking forward to reading future posts.
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November 28th, 2005

06:33 pm
I'm listening to Real Life Radio right now.

I must say, I like it a lot.

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November 16th, 2005

01:51 pm - new
I'm new to the community, I'm a geek, and I'm proud of it! Hope Greg gets his sanity back once the new place is unpacked.
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September 17th, 2005

12:45 am - ???
What's with all the guest strips? Is greg at a con?

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September 15th, 2005

02:05 am - RL on the LJ - Sweeet
As I idly searched interests on LJ, lo and behold I found this nifty nugget of a community. Yay Real Life!

Utterly pointless post, but a post nonetheless

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August 21st, 2005

06:38 pm - [insert awesome intro here]
Hey, I'm Kiara, and I'm new the community. ^^ Not new to the comic though, I've been a fan since 2002. Feburary 9th, to be exact. o_O
Yeah, whee. I don't really know what kind of things to post for an intro, so uh... I'm 15, live on the West coast, my favorite character is Tony, and the comic I keep printing out to glue onto my notebooks is the 'Snickerdoodle' one. XD
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